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Hopefully Allowing Squeal

Trackable bracelets

I've just bought new bracelets from pfo for the whole family. But it's not normal bracelets even if it may look likte it. They actually have a small gps device built in them. So you can actually track the person who wears the bracelet. So no more worrying where the children are late at night. Now I can track them if I need to. I have to say that I'm more comfortable letting them go now. And they are glad that they have more freedom now. So I can really recommend these bracelets. 

No sports.

This will be a calm afternoon again. I am enjoying our nice calm and relaxed afternoons without all the hectic of sports. Sometimes it is also nice to stay home and give the children some rest for doing the things they want. Now they have time to play with their toys and they have more time for doing their homework. It is also better for me to take more rest. Since I have some painful joints I have to take more rest because of the pain and the stiffness of my joints. Although the last few days it is getting ...